The project focused on empowerment of the locals mostly IDPs to access livelihood opportunities through; a).   skills   training   (tailoring and computer), b). Gender and peace building awareness programs for reconciliation process, c). VSLA transformation programs and d). Reviving and enhancing operations of the Women Center, Grinding mill services, green houses for improved income generation opportunities.

Gender and Peace building Awareness

  • Contextualizing  the     2018 South Sudan National Peace Agreement
  • Communal  Gender    Based Violence Girls child education and educational opportunities in the county
  • Conflict causes,  natural  re- sources management and resolution mechanism
  • Leadership (Women  leader- ship and representation at communal and national structures).
  • Vocational skills  training  opportunities for

Target Group 120  participants  both  male  and female   from   various   categories (Women leaders, VSLA group leaders, Government officials, youth leaders, business leaders, Boda Boda associations, Church leaders, security department representatives, and County  NGO  representatives). In Which (F=54, M= 47).

Photo by Lillian Ajidiru: During Gender and Peace Building

Photo by Lillian Adjidiru :Beneficiaries during sessions

Income Generating Activities Training

62 trainees   successfully completed a 6- month training under the Cost Sharing Basis from July 2018 to December 2018. They will be awarded certificate of completion/ recognition during their graduation as has been the tradition of SPEDP and UN Women. Through these trainings,    learners    have been empowered to acquire the different skills that will enable them improve their livelihood standards.

They are as follows Tailoring 20 (M=0,F=20), Bed sheet design 10 (M=0,F=10), Basic Computer 32 (M=30,F=2).

Based on the collaborative efforts from both the SPEDP and the local communities, positive progress has been realized in the management and production activities at the different green houses.

At a glance, Melijo green house beneficiaries are about to harvest vegetable crops ready for market as well as utilizing the river banks of Achwa.

Farming  Group  Along  the  River Nile of Achwa

As a result of the continuous monitoring and training of the farmers group in Melijo as well as beneficiaries of the green house project, farming along the river bank has also be- come one of the priorities with positive results. With the use of available water through traditional water sprinkling, beneficiaries  are  farming  along  the river bank and harvesting  vegetables for personal and market sale hence inc

Photo by Malish Joseph : Farming group irrigating their farm a long river Achwa in Nimule

Photo by Malish Joseph : Farmers group received vegetables seeds in Melijo IDPs Camp

ome generation.

Monitoring Green House

For work to go on 110 grams of cu- cumber/capsicum vegetables were procured and provided to beneficiaries in Melijo of which they planned and monitoring was done from the time of land preparation till the current stage were by the vegetables are in flowering and fruiting stage.

Photo by Malish Joseph: Beneficiaries harvesting vegetables crop from Green House in Melijo IDPs

Photo by Charles Ogutu :Beneficiaries during tailoring session in Nimule Pageri administration area

Income Generating Activities in Nimule

Trainees in the tailoring and designing classes that have completed their classes awaiting graduation are currently involved in income generating activities within and out of the skills training center. The center has provided the learners with the   opportunity   to   purchase their materials, design and sew them through the guidance of their instructors at the center for sale at the local market.