Education programs implemented in Central Equatoria State

SPEDP implements Education programs which are supported by Stromme foundation. The programmes are and the donors are DFID, LK, ERIKS and NORAD;

  • Accelerated learning programme/ Functional Adult Literacy
  • Bonga/shonglap in schools and in community
  • Community Girls Education
  • Vocational skills training
  • Community managed micro finance

SPEDP’s education strategic objective is to Enhance Community mechanism to support formal and non-formal education – through interventions in Primary school, Vocational Skills Training (VST), life skills, Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) and Community Managed Micro-Finance (CMMF).

In 2018, SPEDP education department implemented 8 projects with support from Stromme Foundation, Christian Aid and South Sudan Humanitarian Fund (SSHF) with Total budget of 1,150,034.05

Bonga girls during sessions in Terekeka County

Adolescent girls receive their goats after a training on animal rearing in Morobo-county

Some of the trainees for tailoring in Kimba payam – green belt centre – Morobo County-CES

Definitions of the Programs and the targets

Community Girls Education (CGE): This is a 3 year government programme that targets mainly girls at the age between 8 and 13. On completion of the 3 years, the learners join class 5 in the formal schools.

Accelerated Learning Programme (ALP): The ALP targets youth who are too old for formal primary classes at the age of 13 to 30 years who may have missed or dropped out of school. In this program, the eight year primary syllabus is condensed to four years. After completion of the years, the learners join secondary education or vocational school. Bonga/shonglap: aims at empowering adolescent girls between 13 to 19 years who dropped out of school or never had a chance to go to school on their rights, equipping them with life skills, primary health skills including awareness in HIV/AIDs, basic literacy/numeracy and vocational/occupational skills and basic entrepreneurship skills, economically empowering them and thus improving their well-being and promoting self-reliance. Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) Program: This targets people above 18-30 (but there are learners below this age) years old to gain literacy and numeracy and vocational skills to enable them become employable in simple jobs.

Vocational Training (VT): This program aims at equipping the youth and adults with employable skills for self-reliance. Community managed micro finance (CMMF):This programme is to empower poor and vulnerable adult and youth communities with economic and social development skills to enjoy economic security and living dignified life.


PHOTO: Singer girls performing entertainment song to the Guest of Honor the Commissioner of Terekeka Hon: Yasir Moro Kenyi during the Graduation ceremony of functional Adult Literacy (FAL), Community Managing Microfinance (CMMF), and Vocational Training in Terekeka State.


PHOTO: Mrs. Drabua Silivia Education Manager Support for peace and Education Development Programme in Terekeka State giving a speech about the project to the beneficiaries during the graduation ceremony in Terekeka State.


PHOTO: Yasir Moro Kenyi in the middle the Commissioner of Terekeka state during the graduation ceremony of the FAL, BONGA and SINGER GIRLS in Terekeka state


PHOTO: Qualitative Adviser for Peer Educators and Trainer Sadia Lona briefing the participants on Important of Active Citizen Procedures, roles and Objective to be followed when working with others in a weil During the HoLLA piloting training.


PHOTO: The Donors of Support for peace and Education Development Programme (SPEDP) attending the graduation Ceremony of the Bonga, Singer girls and community Managing Microfinance in Terekeka.