Background of CMMF (Community Managed Micro-finance)

CMMF stands for Community Managed Micro-Finance however in our CMMF methodology we don’t give cash to the group but knowledge on how to save and invest.

In our methodology, Members of a self-selected group voluntarily form CMMF group and save money through purchase of shares then invest the savings in loans fund for members to borrow and repay with interest. SPEDP is implementing CMMF in four areas. In Terekeka and Morobo-CES, the project is funded by Stromme foundation, ICCO and NEPAD, in Nimule-EES by NEPADF and in Aweil West-Upper Nile by DCA.

Our purpose is one to provide a simple savings and loan facility in a community that does not have access to formal financial services and second to have social funds for members experiencing emergencies.

The benefits of the methodology are that there is

  • Access to loans and the procedure is simple compared to banks
  • Access to emergency response for family members
  • Attract services from the government and other NGOs
  • Interest to be paid out are shared amongst members
  • Increase business

Lomerika ti dara group members counting their saved amount

Nan tiko group during savings meeting

Nan tiko group during savings meeting

Our goal is to build Institutional and financial independence, Build a culture of work and Build unity, peace and together amongst the community through cross cutting issues like building, HIV/AIDS, cultural issues, child protection, environmental sustainability, Literacy and livelihood