Wash program been implemented in Northern Bahr el Ghazal, Jongeli State, Unity State, Western Bahr el Ghazal & Central Equatoria State

Where We Work

SPEDP WASH activities are lively in Northern Bahr el Ghazal and Central Equatoria States with possibility of shortly increasing our coverage to Jongolei and Unity States as numerous WASH assessments have been conducted and concept notes/proposals already submitted to avail funding for intervention.

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Where We Do

Our WASH sector focuses on improving quality of life by providing access to safe potable water, appropriate sanitary facilities and hygiene practices that will reduce or minimize vulnerability to water related diseases.

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Hygiene kit


SPEDP with support from OFDA through Food for the hungry constructed 16 bore-holes (hand pump) for 1,302 Households both IDPs and Host Community with 9,765 beneficiaries in Jonglei State Fangak County in Old Fangak Payam. Where (G=2,711,B=3,031,W=2,116,M=1,907) under project number SSD-18/Ws/121728/14922.

  • In Jonglei state, SPEDP con-ducted training for 16 water management committee in Mareang Payam with 112 beneficiaries where (W=72 and M=40) with support from OFDA through Food for the hungry.
  • In Mareang Payam in Jonglei State, SPEDP conducted Pump Mechanics training for 14 members and all were men.
  •  In Jonglei SPEDP carried out water quality testing and treatment in Mareang Payam for 20 boreholes.
  • 3 institutional latrine stances were constructed in schools in Mareang Payam for 790 bene-ficiaries with (G=450,B=340) in Fangak County.
  • SPEDP further constructed 16 hand washing facilities for 2,400 beneficiaries where (G=1,347, B=1,053).
  • Hygiene Promotion sessions.
  • ( Participatory interaction) conducted in Fangak County of Old Fangak for 240 HHs with 2,281 beneficiaries where (G=600,B=488,W=648,M=545).
  • In Mareang Payam Hygiene Promotions Sessions( Partici-patory interaction) were con-ducted for 240 HHs with 2,120 beneficiaries (G=594,B=610,W=540,M=376).
  • SPEDP conducted Hygiene Promotion Sessions( Partici-patory Interaction) for 240HHs in Mareang Payam with 2,358 beneficiaries where (G=757,B=794,W=432,M=375)
  • In Korwach Payam in Pigi County at Khorfulus and Kal-dak IPDs site, SPEDP con-ducted Hygiene Promotion Sessions (Participatory Inter-action) for 240 HHs with 2,089 beneficiaries where (G=479,B=463,W=577,M=570.
  • In Pigi Canal County in Atar Payam, SPEDP conducted Hygiene Promotion Sessions (Participatory interaction) for 4,436 HHs with total benefi-ciaries of 29,341 whereby (G=14,021,B=15,425,W=12,850,M=16,491).
  • SPEDP in Jonglei State of Fangak County in Old Fangak
    Payam distributed 1,520 water storage containers (buckets or Jerricane) for 1,520 HHs with11,400 beneficiaries where (G=3,707,B=3,416,W=2,220,M=2,057) at Khorfulus and Kaldak IDPs site.
  • At IDPs site of Khorfulus and Kal-dak, in Korwach Payam, SPEDP distributed water treatment product (PUR, aqua tab, Filters ) for 1,520
    HHs with 11,400 beneficiar-ies where (G=3,707,B=3,416,W=2,220,
    M=2,057) .
  •  In Jonglei State of Pigi Canal County in Korwach Payam SPEDP distributed 775 soap bars for 1,520 HHs with 11,400 beneficiaries( G=3,707,B=3,416,W=2,220,M=2,057).


  • With support from OFDA through Food for the hungry, SPEDP distributed 1,520 re-usable sanitary pads in Pigi Canal County in Korwach Payam for 1,520 beneficiaries and they were only women.
  • 2,480 water storage containers (buckets or Jerri-cane ) distributed in Fangak County in Old Fangak Payam for 2,480 HHs with 16,120 beneficiaries where (G=4,619,B=4,071,W=3,950,M=3,480).
  • SPEDP distributed 1,240 soap bars in Fangak County in Old Fangak Payam for 2,480 HH with 16,120 beneficiaries which include (G=4,619,B=4,071,W=3,950,M=3,480).
  • 663 Hygiene Kits distribut-ed in Jonglei State in Fangak County in Old Fangak Payam for 663 beneficiaries which included (G=319, B=344).
  • In Atar Payam of Pigi County SPEDP distributed 3,850 quantity of water treatment product (PUR, Aqua tab, Filters) for 3,850 HHs with 25,025 beneficiaries in which (G=6,937,B=7,093,W=6,905,M=4,090).
  • SPEDP constructed 15 hand washing facilities with Sup-port from OFDA through Food for the hungry in Atar Payam in Pigi Canal County for 752 beneficiaries in which (G=103,B=167,W=272,M=210.
  • In Jonglei State, in Fangak County in Old Fangak Payam, SPEDP construct-ed 35 Households Latrines (Stance) for 96 House-holds with 763 beneficiaries in which (G=136,B=170,W=254,M=203).
  • SPEDP constructed 35 hand washing facilities for 96 Households with 763 beneficiaries in which (G=136, B=170,W=254,M=203) in Fangak County of Jonglei State in Old Fangak Payam.
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