Implementing Agency:                                        SPEDP-Uganda Program

Reporting period:                                                 1st -30th August-2019

Reporting date:                                                      30thAugust-2019

Implementation sites/areas of coverage:         Yumbe and Koboko – Uganda.

Summary,       Activity Narrative Report

Support for peace education and development program is a non-governmental organization which is registered in Uganda and operates in refugee settlement of Yumbe and host communities of Yumbe and Koboko Districts that host mostly South Sudanese refugees who fled the country following the December 2013 and the July 2016 conflicts which erupted in Juba.

SPEPD –Uganda Program have 14 machine for tailoring and 01 Machine for designing, The  tailoring project have attracted a number woman and Youth to take part in the skills training in tailoring and designing for both the refugees in all the three settlement of Bidibidi, Rhino Camp and Imvepi including the host communities in Koboko district. There are 40 student’s trained in tailoring and designing, SPEDP-Uganda Program is Planning to graduate the 40 student early in the month September 2019, the month August had been a month where Spedp-Uganda program was engaged in partnership meetings with different  government offices, community leaders, national non-governmental organizations(NNGO) international non-governmental organization(INGO)  including the UN-Agencies like the UNHCR.


  • Spedp-Uganda had successfully conducted a nine months training for 40 students in total for both refugees and host communities, with a breakdown of 39 Female and 1 male with a combination of 25 South Sudanese Refugees and 15 Ugandans trained in Tailoring and designing skills most of the refugees where from all the three settlements of Rhino Camp, Imvepi in Arua Districts and Bidibidi in Yumbe Districts.
  • 51 student were successfully recruited for these second load of the training in tailoring and designing with a breakdown of 50 female and 1 male with details of 23 Ugandan and 28 south Sudanese and they represented the Settlements of Arua and Yumbe districts in their different zones.
  • A number of Government and INGO Offices were visited in the ,month of August for the purpose of future partnership including the two UNHCR Sub-Offices in Yumbe District and Arua District, Spedp-Uganda was able to engage the two heads of Sub-Offices to know what SPEDP-Uganda Program is doing in the Koboko district and which they did in Bidibidi Refugee Settlement with recommendation for inclusion in all coordination meetings at the settlement level also for any future partnership with UNHCR-Uganda.


  • Spedp-Uganda have 7 staffs for the Uganda Program and have one tailoring and designing project running with 15 machines and three laptop computers for the Staff, printer and a wireless internet modem.
  • Spedp –Uganda have 10 motorbikes, 1 Honda,1 Captain, 1senke, and 7 boxers with mixed conditions of good, fair and bad.

Other remarks/observation:

  • There is high demand for the tailoring and designing training for Refugees and host communities in Koboko district and I think it will be good for the trainees to be given another training in Village saving and loans as we plan to form savings group from the trainees and I suggest that SPEDP-Uganda to do lobbying for a startup money for the groups to be established and a new model for our Uganda program in livelihood project.
  • It will be good for SPEDP-Uganda to add another course of basic ICT training for the youth and hair dressing for the Youth especially the girls child dropout as our target is women and Youth.

 Next Plan

  • Organizing graduation ceremony for the first 40 students trained in tailoring and designing.
  • Follow up of the Information, Education and Communication Materials for the graduation ceremony which is to take place in the month September.
  • Follow up of the Recruitment of the next student’s to be trained in Tailoring and designing for the next nine months.
  • Preparing to meet other potential donors and partners within Arua, Koboko and Yumbe district for any future partnership.

SPEDP-Uganda staff doing shortlisting of the Tailoring Students for second training for both South Sudanese Refugees and Host community in Koboko District targeting 51 Student Women and Youth.

First introductory meeting of SPEDP-Uganda New Staff for position of program Development officer

SPEDP-Uganda projecting their first trainee’s budget and planning for 40 students who completed in Tailoring and designing graduation days by early September 2019.










SPEDP-Uganda Trainers and Trainees showing and designing their products after nine months of training in tailoring and designing for their graduation viewing during the D-day.

South Sudan National NGO Spedp Ngo graduating 40 participants from life skill training that intensively went for nine months, particularly in Tailoring.

A program that is designed to support the refugee women and youths as well as the host community  in Koboko municipality – Uganda.

Photo credit ( Vita Henry Radio Morobo Reporter.